Our Services

We structure our strategic approach based on the specific needs of our clients.  We  utilize our vast knowledge and expertise to guide our clients through the most difficult challenges.

Government Affairs


RCM Ceberio develops a strategic plan that describes in detail the steps we will take to achieve your goals and objectives. We monitor; analyze and draft legislation; prepare testimony; and have direct access with government decision makers and coordinate support for our advocacy efforts. .  

Regulatory Affairs 

To understand the regulatory  process, one needs to decipher how it works and who is responsible for the decisions. Being part of the process provides us with the tools we need to get through the maze. We work in tandem with the individuals that review your permit.  It is important to get a quick read early in the process to find out what is required to get to a decision point. 


Economic Development

Site Identification

This service provides developers with the ability to locate properties for development; a report on the planning and zoning issues of the site; advocacy with local officials and leaders of the community, and the coordination of public relations and grass roots organizing. 


RCM Ceberio facilitates the permitting process by coordinating activities of the development team and face-to-face discussions with the permitting agencies. Our permitting work is performed on all levels of government: municipal, county, state and federal agencies.


Wetlands mitigation and offsetting environmental impacts are our specialty. We can locate, negotiate and satisfy the outset requirements.

Site Remediation

Whether it is a brownfield or a Superfund site we work with both New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the US Environmental Protection Agency to get through the regulatory process. We also have the means to assist in the actual remediation of a site. 

Business Development


The key components of our approach is to know exactly what is needed to be accomplished in creating a compelling vision that motivates others to consider the product or service.

Understanding the marketplace and communicating with potential clients early and often.

Managing the varying levels of support and resistence that will inevitablity emerge in response to our efforts. 

Municipal Services

Shared Services Studies

Feasibility studies for joint services do not have to be lengthy, complicated documents. We can provide the team, consisting of experienced personnel, that has the background to understand what needs to be done. 

Economic Growth Studies and Implementation

The goal of local economic growth planning is part of an overall strategy to create and maintain a strong and vibrant local economy. The economic development plan provides a comprehensive overview of the economy, sets policy direction and identifies strategies, programs and projects to improve the economy.  The Municipal Land Use Law allows a municipality to develop a plan to accompany its master plan. Very few municipalities take advantage of this approach to stabilize their ratable base.